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Ep 77: Aligning your brand & offers with who you are this year (hello 2024!)

This year is all about alignment, pleasure, and allowing our brand & business to reflect who we are TODAY! In this episode, you'll get an energy forecast for 2024 and the big realizations I've had about why my (old) voice teaching business is no longer in alignment with who I am today.


  • why 2024 will be wildly different than the last 3 years

  • why I've been resisting to going back to teaching voice lessons

  • how our students + clients can help us shape our niche/brand

  • how to change your brand to reflect who you are today

  • what I'm doing to give The Whole Voice (my voice teaching business) a makeover

  • how job titles + roles that appear "mis-aligned" may actually surprise you

  • encouragement if you've been in a low period of life/business

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