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let's work  together

Get ready to unlock your voice teaching business's

greatest potential.

Gone are the days of relying on a certain number of students to pay your bills. With the rise of social media and online coaching, it’s never been easier to get creative with how you build and scale your teaching business!


Through our work together, you’ll walk away knowing how to structure your business,

build a brand, create and sell offers beyond

1:1 lessons, and design a marketing plan that gets you continually building an audience of leads and paying students.

Ready to up-level your business?

marketing and business coach for voice teachers

01. Private Coaching

marketing and business coach for voice teachers

ongoing business support

This type of individualized online business coaching doesn't exist anywhere else for voice teachers!


Each month, you get:

✔️ Biweekly 60 minute sessions
✔️ Option to replace a session for an outsourced task such as your branding, funnel, website, copy edits, tech set up... (all things I can do!)
✔️ Daily support from me on Voxer (T-F) in between sessions 



*Members of the Voicepreneur Program get 20% off 

*This is currently a month to month option with no monthly commitment. 

(You're welcome! :))

02. Content Audit

The Voicepreneur Program

You're doing "all the marketing things"... but is it actually working? Get recorded feedback from Allie on your marketing materials so you can rest assured your content will actually convert!

Choose from the following:

✔️ Instagram Stories (up to 7 days)

✔️ Instagram feed (up to 12 posts)

✔️ Email broadcasts / sequence (up to 4 emails)

✔️ Sales page

✔️ Sales + promotional captions

✔️ Freebie + landing page + thank you page

✔️ Website "lessons" page

✔️ Website "services" page

✔️ Overall brand vibe

✔️ Overall content vibe


feedback on your marketing

03. Individual Session 

marketing and business coach for voice teachers

Have questions about your teaching business? 

Let's make sure you have the clarity you need to take the most effective action!

✔️ onboarding process (getting new students without doing any work)

✔️ content strategy

✔️ marketing plan
✔️ Instagram business growth

✔️ branding

✔️ messaging & word copy

✔️ website

✔️ funnels (email sequences, landing / sales pages)

(Or a little bit of everything!)




*Members of the Voicepreneur Program get 20% off 

"drop in" session

"Allie is my go-to person for all of things business as a voice teacher! I can't recommend her enough (and do often!). She's a beautiful soul with so much knowledge - you'd be so lucky to have her on your team!"

Chelsea Wilson


IVA Master Instructor, Broadway Vocal Coach

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