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marketing and business coach for voice teachers

Hi, I'm Allie Tyler -- voice teacher like you!


I help voice teachers put on their marketing hat and play the game of online business. 'Cuz let's be real. We weren't taught how to be business owners in music school!

In a world where Tik Tok channels and voice teacher react videos are blowing up, voice teachers can grow their businesses at an unbelievable scale. Get ready to join the world of online business: where systems + sales psychology can quite literally change your life.

Let's make this online marketing thing

simple & fun!



I know exactly how it feels to take every student because you feel like you have to.

When I finally left the strip mall music school circuit and started my own teaching business, I did what all new business owners do: I said “yes” to every inquiring student, filled my schedule with exhausting parents (omgg I could literally write a book), bent over backwards for everyone, and eventually burned myself out


(Not to mention, I was trying to be a professional performer at the same time. #lifeofanartist #insanity)

marketing and business coach for voice teachers

I had to decide who was
going to be the boss of my life: 
me, or my students.

marketing and business coach for voice teachers

Rather than fall victim to the standard teaching cycle of under-earning and over-working, I committed to understanding the game of business. 

Flash forward 7 years and I've built a business that scales in my sleep, created 11 online courses, 2 podcasts, an amazing community, and a life I didn't think was possible!

Understanding how to play the game of online marketing gives me the freedom to choose who & how often I teach, where & how often I perform, and the impact I want to make in the world.


Now more than ever, you can build a business that aligns with
who you are, what you want, and the message you want to share with others. 
It's time to share your  voice!

let's get creative with how to be a creative.

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