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a community of vocal coaches on a mission to scale our businesses

The Voicepreneur

Let's cut to the chase...

You're tired of relying on private lessons to pay the bills.

You want to teach less and scale your business. You see the power of online marketing and how other teachers are growing their business. And you know you can do that too. You just need a plan for how to do it.


Do you relate?

You want to stop depending on a certain number of students to pay the bills

You're getting burned out from teaching so many 1:1's

You want to have more time for your loved ones (and yourself!)

You're feeling stretched thin and desperate for smarter ways to make money

You're posting about singing & teaching on social media, but not seeing any real gain from it

You're getting bored of lessons and want to spice up your studio offerings

You love the idea of making passive income, but are overwhelmed with how to do it

So you've been wracking your brain wondering...

how can I make more money
without needing more private students?

Imagine regularly enrolling new students into your world...without having to do any extra work.

There's no greater impact you can make than scaling your business.  You get to make more money and reach even more people -- a win-win! No more chasing any & all private students - you hand select your clients! The rest will learn from you in ways that don't require your time.


Take it from VP teachers...


Gina built her signature program for singers and got 50 sign ups in the first week of launching


Amber created a course on mixing and membership for serious singers that scales in her sleep

check out Amber's program!


Chelsea runs a thriving membership program to help musical theatre artists prepare for school/broadway

Here's how it works

In the program, you'll:

Dream of creating an online course? A membership? Or maybe something simpler like warm up tracks or an eBook? This is the program that'll show you how to do it!

Create something to sell beyond private lessons

If you feel overwhelmed by making sales pages and email sequence, we got you! You'll learn how to build out a funnel so you can literally make money in your sleep. ;)

Set up the backend techy stuff to sell your offer

Sell your offer to ideal students on autopilot

Rather than spinning your wheels creating content for consistency's sake, you'll have a marketing strategy that converts your followers into leads and leads into paying students.

marketing for voice teachers

of high vibe, badass vocal coaches!

...all of this alongside a









kind words

I’m so grateful for everything I've learned in VP! I now have all these things set up on the backend that I don’t need to worry about. My studio is full, I'm sending my waitlist to my membership program, and wow, that feels so good! I never would have any of this set up if it weren't for the program. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!




Scaling Studio System

follow the

The 16 step process to scale your teaching business (& any business, really! ;))

This curriculum is made up of 16 lessons across 4 stages.

Stage One

Build Your Brand

In this stage, you'll:

✔️ Lesson 1: Uncover your innate strengths + skills as a voice teacher

✔️ Lesson 2: Identify your ideal student

✔️ Lesson 3: Create a mission + method statement that helps solve their problems

✔️ Lesson 4: Implement the best copywriting principles to captivate your audience and convert them into paying students

branding for voice teachers
creating a paid offer

Create Your Offer

Stage Two

In this stage, you'll:

✔️ Lesson 1: Investigate and connect with your ideal students

✔️ Lesson 2: Outline the curriculum (method/content) for your offer

✔️ Lesson 3: Solidify all of the details of your offer

✔️ Lesson 4: Run a beta campaign to ensure it's profitable & gets results

Convert on Autopilot

Stage Three

In this stage, you'll:

✔️ Lesson 1: Create a freebie that naturally leads people to your offer

✔️ Lesson 2: Design landing + sales pages that convert

✔️ Lesson 3: Write automated email sequences + broadcasts

✔️ Lesson 4: Create your launch plan

automate your studio
grow your studio

Grow Income & Impact

Stage Four

In this stage, you'll:

✔️ Lesson 1: Build a strategy to increase traffic

✔️ Lesson 2: Learn how to use sales psychology to convert leads into paying students

✔️ Lesson 3: Utilize partnerships + affiliates

✔️ Lesson 4: Increase retention & build a community


kind words

I'd taken a lot of marketing classes before I joined the Voicepreneur Program but always felt overwhelmed. Now, I have a clear vision AND a roadmap on how to get there! Allie makes marketing make sense! I feel so much more confident, and it all feels easier. So glad I joined!

Annie Little



you'll also get:

2  group calls/mo. 

(office hours/check ins)

Opportunities for content audits

Access to private Telegram community

20% off private coaching offers

By becoming a VP member,


grow your private studio


The business basics course for vocal coaches. Learn how to fill up your studio with ideal students, make consistent income, and build your teaching brand.

Value: $295

*get free access inside the program!


"Joining The Voicepreneur Program changed the entire landscape of my business. I launched an online course, changed the way I write copy, got more clients, and became more aligned with my studio and how it runs. And I'm constantly learning! If you’re on the fence about this program, take the leap! It’s work, but it’s worth it!"

Lauren Ireland

kind words




The Voiceprenuer Program has been beyond what I ever expected! Allie has a wealth of knowledge that she so freely shares to help voice teachers around the world take charge of their studios with purpose and power!


Screen Shot 2023-07-07 at 3.27.29 PM.png

The Voicepreneur Program truly helped me to scale my business, become more marketable, understand marketing basics as a voice teacher and so much more! I recommend the program to any voice teacher!


Screen Shot 2023-07-07 at 3.30.44 PM.png

I recommend this program to any voice teacher looking to start or expand their business! Not only does Allie do a great job teaching, she makes everyone feel welcomed in the community. There is a place for all in the program!




most popular

  • Immediate access to the Scaling Studio System

  • Immediate access to the Amplify  business basics course 

  • Biweekly group coaching calls

  • Content audit opportunities

  • Access to the Voicepreneur Telegram community

  • 20% discount for all 1:1 coaching offers




best value



SAVE $95!

  • Immediate access to the Scaling Studio System

  • Immediate access to the Amplify  business basics course 

  • Biweekly group coaching calls

  • Content audit opportunities

  • Access to the Voicepreneur Telegram community

  • 20% discount for all 1:1 coaching offers

  • Option to renew after 6 months, or switch to $95/month.


marketing and business coach for voice teachers

so happy you're here!

I'm Allie

After over a decade of burning myself out chasing private voice students, I decided to change up my business model and create other ways of making money that didn't cost me my time. I learn how to upsell, and built a membership, two signature courses Discover Your Voice and Own Your Voice, and The Whole Voice Podcast to generate passive income (so I can build things like The Voicepreneur! ;)). Now, I choose who, when and how I want to teach voice lessons. And I want nothing more than for you to have that too!


Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any other questions, shoot me a DM on Instagram (@thevoicepreneur)

or email

  • When does it close?
    It doesn't! This program is open whenever you're ready for it. :)
  • How is this program different than other business + marketing courses?
    This program is specifically for voice teachers so the concepts are taught through the lens of voice teaching. Unlike most self-paced online programs, you'll get access to biweekly calls and our private facebook community to ensure that you get all the support you need!
  • Can I get 1:1 support?
    You sure can! By being a Voicepreneur, you get 20% off coaching calls with Allie. The biweekly coaching calls are like office hours and you will get your question answered directly -- sometimes there's a lot of people who attend, and other times there's not. (You may sometimes be the only one on a call, which turns into a 1:1 session!)
  • What does it look like after I join?
    After you've joined, you'll get immediate access to the Scaling Studio System, the Amplify course, and the bonus trainings! If you'd like to work on building your private studio foundation first, begin with the first lesson inside of Amplify. If you'd like to work on scaling your studio, begin with "stage 0" inside the Scaling Studio System.
  • What's the cancelation policy?
    Joining the program means that you are committing to the experience and investing in your growth! Members are committed to the program for a minimum of 6 months. By canceling, members will no longer receive access to any of the content related to the program. If you complete stages 1 & 2 and are still not satisfied, please contact us directly for cancelation options.
  • When are the live group coaching calls?
    The calls take place every 1st Thursday and 3rd Wednesday at 9 am PST. All replays are available inside the dashboard.
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