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build a voice teaching business that fills your soul and your bank account!

You want a teaching business that makes more money and a bigger impact. (Yesss!!)

But right now, you're...

teaching into the evenings... and missing time with your loved ones
tired of constantly advertising for new students

teaching students you don't necessarily want to be teaching
drowning in admin work (that bleeds into your personal time!)

attracting potential students... 
but not as many sign ups 

dealing with makeups, late payments, and clients who never seem to check their email

struggling to find time for yourself as a singer & performing artist

annoyedAF with social media (is it even worth it?!)

overwhelmed by the whole branding and web design thing

feeling like you're on a hamster wheel that never stops!

It's time to say goodbye to that under-earning, over-working lifestyle!

Imagine how it would feel to get new students in your sleep, be in complete control of your schedule, and make money however the heck you want (that goes beyond having a certain number of students). This is the normal!


When you amplify your business,
you amplify your life.


Veronica filled her private studio and is now leveraging her waitlist to sell new offers.

Christine changed the way she operated her 15 year old teaching business.

Shannon now signs on new students in her sleep using just her Instagram (no website!).


What's included in the course:

Instant and lifetime access to ALL course material

4 video trainings (60-70 min each)

5 Q&A sessions (replays)

Copy n paste templates for studio business materials (such as contracts, policies, forms, website & sales pages, etc. )

Checklists, email scripts, and content prompts

The Brand Visuals Guidebook

Identifying Your Ideal Student Guidebook

Module One

How to get new students

Learn how to attract new students, build an automated onboarding process (that gets students in your sleep!), create partnerships, network in your community, and consistently fill up your studio!

Module Two

Make consistent income & keep retention rates high

Learn how to set up your payment & scheduling systems, take control of your calendar, create your policies and contract, organize your teaching flow, and utilize email marketing to build your private studio.

Vertical Website Designs.png

Module Three

Build your teaching brand

Learn the easiest (& coolest!) way to build a brand as a voice teacher, carve out your niche, define your ideal student, create your business's mission & vision, and design a website that signs on new students in your sleep!

Module Four

Make money beyond

private lessons

Learn how to leverage your students to build other creative offers, create upsells & unique studio add-ons, write copy that SELLS, and make consistent (& scalable!) money beyond the hourly lesson model.


kind words

"I thought I was doing okay with my studio.... but after watching just the first lesson of Amplify, I realized there was SO much refining I could do. The things I learned to put in place have made my life so much easier and I don't feel so overwhelmed anymore. My studio basically runs itself now!"




You'll also get:


How to nail your intro lesson

The first lesson is unlike any other lesson: it determines whether or not a student signs up! Learn how to combine your teaching skills with subtle sales psychology to "close the deal." Follow this proven teaching framework for your first lesson, and watch your client roster grow!


How to pick a paid offer that's in alignment for you

Learn how to get out of the 1:1 lesson container with 8+ other ways to make money teaching voice. By the end of this training, you'll know what type of investment is required for each offer, and which option feels best for you right now!


kind words

"Amplify really did broaden the way I thought about offering 1:1 lessons! This course inspired me to think outside of the traditional models and get creative with how I can make taking private lessons even more fun for my clients and easy for me to bring them into my studio community!





This course is for you if...

You want more private students

You want to know how to consistently  fill up your private voice studio

You're exhausted from the admin work and want to simplify everything

You're open minded to new ways of pricing and accepting payment

You want to attract more of the students you LOVE teaching

You want clients who respect your policies and boundaries


You want to be able to take time off regularly (and not once in a blue moon!)


You want a brand & online presence that you're proud  to show off!


kind words

"I’ve been running my own voice studio for about 15 years, and wanted to upgrade my knowledge of the business side. I found that and more in Amplify! Allie has a ton of creativity and knowledge, and guides us to maximize our own individual studios. I would recommend this program for any voice teacher looking for professional development and creative elevation!"






  • Immediate + lifetime access

  • 4 video trainings

  • Contact & policies templates

  • Email & client scripts

  • Brand Visuals guidebook

  • Ideal Client guidebook

  • BONUS: How to Nail Your Intro Lesson

  • BONUS: Pick A Paid Offer In Alignment For You


payment plan





  • Immediate + lifetime access

  • 4 video trainings

  • Contact & policies templates

  • Email & client scripts

  • Brand Visuals guidebook

  • Ideal Client guidebook

  • BONUS: How to Nail Your Intro Lesson

  • BONUS: Pick A Paid Offer In Alignment For You

Want an even sweeter deal?

Join the Voicepreneur Program and get the AMPLIFY course included for free in your monthly membership!

Note: VP members don't have lifetime access to the course. Canceling your membership will revoke access to all program material.




so happy you're here!

I'm Allie

After working for 4 music teaching companies that paid me next to nothing, I decided to open my own private teaching studio at my own rates. Little did I know how much work that would be! After years of invoicing lessons, filling my days with makeups, and getting screwed by disrespectful parents, I decided to take my business into my own hands. I now get new students in my sleep, reduced my admin work by about 95%, and exclusively attract my dreamy ideal students. I'm SO excited to teach you how to do the same! Trust me when I say -- this work will change. your. LIFE!

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