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Ep 0: Why a "voicepreneur" is different than an online voice teacher

Updated: Jan 5

Welcome to the first episode of The Voicepreneur Podcast! We're kicking this series off with a bang — by defining what a "voicepreneur" actually is!

Did Covid bring you to the online space? Or maybe you've been offering virtual lessons for a bit? #OG

Whatever the case, it's important to know how powerful it is to run a business online.

This show is designed to support voice teachers in growing and scaling their teaching business online.


  • why a voicepreneur is different than an online voice teacher

  • the mega-opportunity voice teachers have (that they've NEVER had before!)

  • how we can utilize the online marketing space

  • what this podcast is all about

If you're ready to grow & scale your voice teaching business online, welcome!! Get ready to learn marketing, mindset, and strategic business practices that are aligned with your ambition.

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