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Ep 80: How I'm preparing for maternity leave (surprise!) with new scalable offers & strategic planning

Surprise -- I'm pregnant! Here's why I've been MIA, how I'm spending my time, and what I'm doing to create insanely strategic scalability in my businesses as I prepare for having two young children. Get a behind the scenes look at how I manage being a voice teacher, choral director, and business coach all while changing up my offer suite.


  • the questions I'm asking myself to consolidate my time

  • how I intertwine my voice teaching coaching with business coaching

  • how I filled up my private studio in the first month of opening

  • what I'm dreaming up in my voice studio in order to stop offering 1:1 lessons while on maternity leave/postpartum break

  • how to help your students AND scale your business if you're repeating yourself in your lessons

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