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Ep 79: How to handle when students/members leave, and losing money as a result

Let's be real -- we ALL go through it. A student cancels, pauses, or ends their time with you (whether it's 1:1 lessons or a membership program). And truth be told, it doesn't feel good! In this episode, we're breaking down exactly what to do when this happens.


  • mindset awareness: what are you thinking about when this happens

  • what our brain is going to tell us about ourselves

  • why our "not ideal" students will often quit unexpectedly

  • how to approach your schedule if it feels emptier than usual

  • what to do if a student stops paying you unexpectedly

  • how to maintain financial security if a student wants to terminate

  • how to maintain financial security if YOU don't want to teach for a bit

  • the #1 way to continue creating abundance

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