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Ep 72: How to transition from working for someone else to being your own boss with Veronica Kokas

Updated: Jan 5

Want to stop teaching for a music school, or working another job? Transitioning is one of the most common experiences teachers have, and there's good and not-so-good ways of going about them! Veronica Kokas is the queen of transitioning intentionally -- she went from teaching for a music school to starting her business to filling her roster to building an online membership program that scales. And *how* she made these transitions is how she became so successful!


  • how she made the leap to fully self employed

  • how she used online marketing tools to gradually grow her business

  • how she strategically invested in her business training

  • what she does to make money from current, past, and potential students

  • how she build her membership program

  • how she weaves in meditation and mindfulness into her program

  • why she chose the membership model, and how it's served her business

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