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Ep 52: Supporting our students' mental health as voice teachers with Laura Seipert

Updated: Jan 5

If voice teaching feels like therapy sessions for your students, this episode is for you! We're welcoming Laura Seipert -- a certified music therapist, singer, and voice teacher. In this episode, Laura dives into the concept of being a "part voice teacher, part therapist" (and why this can be problematic), as well as her mission to spread more awareness around mental health issues we see in the studio.


  • helping students heal & express their whole selves through music

  • taking care of yourself when you're the one taking care of others

  • the difference between music therapy and music AS therapy

  • helping students experience their whole selves through music

  • pivoting from serving students to serving voice teachers

  • practicing mindfulness as teachers with our students

  • building her online course + podcast for voice teachers


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