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Ep 73: Create easy ways to make money with special offers, packages, and Black Friday vibes

Updated: Jan 5

Want to create a flashy, fun party sale (like Black Friday), but not sure where to start? Grab your notebook and get ready to take notes -- this episode is filled with strategies on how to creatively make money with private students, programs, and everything in between!


  • making more money: is it the goal? or the byproduct?

  • how to think about "Black Friday Vibes"

  • the first steps to creating a flash sale / Black Friday sale

  • how to create "flash party" offers if you only teaching private lessons

  • how to use "flash party" when transitioning from 1:1 clients to courses/programs

  • creative ways to offer "specials" without discounting

  • a process to finding multiple ways of making money within one offer

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