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Ep 81: Building a group class business around a unique teaching approach with Jillian Paige of Meisner in Music

Curious how one starts a teaching business of group classes with multiple teachers? Jillian Paige of Meisner in Music joins us for this special guest episode to share her story. Jillian is an amazing resource for voice teachers and singers -- she introduces us to the technique of Meisner, and why it's an amazing approach to singing, performing, and acting. In this episode, we talk all things business (among some fun voice teacher things as well!).


  • how she was introduced to Meisner and the way it transformed her singing

  • what Meisner in Music is and how it helps teachers & singers

  • how she started growing classes in the beginning stages

  • how she found the venue for her classes

  • why Meisner in Music grew exponentially in the pandemic

  • how she brought the classes into the online space

  • her strategies for growing & selling out the classes

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